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  Product Description

The experience accumulated over the years of working in the Insurance Sector allows Allianz Saudi Fransi to provide tailor made Liability Insurance Products. Our solutions serve companies in various commercial sectors such as factories, automotive companies, construction, power and public utilities establishments.

We are constantly developing our products to reduce risks, face challenges and diminish losses or injuries incurred on commercial properties whether they were as a result of product misuse, third party inflicted or caused by a natural disaster.

Moreover, our rapid reaction to claim settlements ensures minimum losses for our clients to resume their business and grow.

  Benefits and Cover

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Product Benefits

  • Provides Comprehensive Insurance Cover to protect Employees and Civilians on work site.
  • Provides Comprehensive Insurance Cover for any potential Property Loss or Damage.
  • Provides Comprehensive Insurance Cover for Company Vehicles as well as Third Party Liability.
  • Ensure constant communication and open dialogue with our customers or their agents while managing their account by our Claims Management, Risk Management and Alternative Risk Analysis and Underwriting Teams, as well as providing logistical services and consultancies.


  • Third Party Liability: covers the insured’s legal liability towards third party for loss or damage to their life and property due to the professional negligence of the insured or his employees. Could be extended to cover food poisoning.
  • Employer’s Liability: covers employer’s legal liability towards his employees for death or injury happening during the period of employment as a result of negligence or an act of tort from the employer.
  • Products Liability: covers manufacturer’s or supplier's’ legal liability towards third party for loss or damage to their life and property caused by the product to end users.

Recommended Products

You might also want to take the following recommended products in consideration:

  • Group Protection: Covers death or employee disability due to an accident or an illness.
  • Health Insurance: Covers hospitalization, outpatient treatment, vision and dental treatment fees.
  • Personal Accidents: Covers death, permanent total disablement, permanent partial disablement due to an accident as well as Workmen Compensation.
  • Work Emergencies: Covers employers’ legal liability towards compensating their employees in the case of death, permanent total disability or work related injuries during the contract period.

  Financial Consultancy

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