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  Product Description

Economic recession has left its impact on our lives during the previous years. Different business sectors around the world were affected which led to an increase in insolvency cases, failure to pay or collect debts. The demand for Credit Insurance is higher than any other time. Clients and Business providers alike are looking to reduce their risks, obtain trust and rebuilt the new and existing markets.

Our vast experience in Credit Insurance has helped our customers make the best choices for their businesses, we are continuously working to provide them with the most accurate information and practices regarding their potential and current customers and market development.

  Benefits and Cover

  • Benefits


  • Group Protection: covers death or disablement of employees due to accident or sickness.
  • Group Health: health insurance in KSA is compulsory and regulated by CCHI - Cover includes in-patient medical expenses, and out-patient medical expenses, including optical and dental treatments.
  • Group Personal Accident: covers accidental death, Permanent Total Disablement (PTD), Permanent Partial Disablement (PPD) and weekly indemnity following accident.
  • Workmen Compensation: covers legal liability of employers to compensate their employees for death, disablement or injury due to an accident at work during the period of employment contract.

  Financial Consultancy

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