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  Product Description

Your car is more than just a method of transportation, it is an essential part of your life. It is your daily link with your job, friends, and favorite places. Protecting your car and the lifestyle it provides, requires a certain level of care.

Allianz Saudi Fransi Motor Insurance plans offers you a wide range of covers that provide the needed protection for your car.

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  Benefits and Cover

  • Comprehensive

  • Additional Riders

  • Basic Cover


The plan covers loss of or damage to the insured’s vechile whilst thereon:

  • by accidental collision or overturning;
  • by fire due to lightning or explosion;
  • by theft or any attempt thereat;
  • by malicious act;
  • whilst being transported (including the process of loading / unloading incidental to such transport) by road or rail.

Additional Riders

  • Driver Personal Accident.
  • Passenger Personal Accident.
  • Cover against Natural Catastrophes.
  • Replacement Car.
  • One Year GCC Coverage.
  • Six Months GCC Coverage.

Basic Cover

  • Bodily damage sustained (excluding the insured) inside or outside the vehicle.
  • Material/Property Damage outside the vehicle