Waad Al Isteqrar Gold

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  Product Description

At Allianz Saudi Fransi, we can give you the financial freedom and confidence to continue living life on your terms. We offer dependable Shari’a Compliant saving solutions so that you fully enjoy your retirement.

  Benefits and Cover

  • Waad Al Isteqrar

  • Optional Benefits

Waad Al Isteqrar

  • Is a financial plan that provides the choice of diversified investment and personal protection,
  • Provides access to a variety of Portfolios/Funds depending on your risk preference.
  • Portfolios/Funds'allocation can be changed at your discretion.

Optional Benefits

  • An annual income payable to your spouse in case of a covered event;
  • An annual income payable to each of your children as a schooling allowance up to reaching the university age in case of a covered event.
  • Permanent Total Disablement (PTD).
  • Critical Illness benefits.
  • Additional accident benefits.

  Case Study

My husband Saleh and I met 40 years ago. I was a teacher back then whereas Saleh chose an Engineering Career. We always had a matching mindset and a common vision when it comes to our future. This vision became stronger when we had our children, Khaled and Noura. One particular incident made me stop and reconsider my view for my life and future. I was on a business trip with the other teachers when our car broke down in the middle of the road. A random chat soon followed as we waited worriedly for help.

That's when one of my colleagues said: "This sudden stop reminds me of the time when my husband passed away. My responsibilities grew larger and my children and I had to move to my parents house after we got used to an independent life. These days I feel like a burden on my parents, I am close to retirement age and soon I will be losing my monthly income. It worries me a lot to think about my future and my children's."

On that same day, my husband and I took note of my colleague's experience and decided to set a few goals to remind us of what really mattered. We enrolled in a Protection and Saving plan where we paid SAR 500 as a monthly premium to guarantee earning about SAR 114,000 at the age of 60. Furthermore the protection element meant that should any harm befall any of us in the form of death or total permanent disablement we would get a SAR 100,000 in compensation.

Today, at the age of 60, I still remember my colleague's story during that trip. Thanks to god and her insights we are now SAR 114,000 richer which should help us enjoy a healthy retirement. I am satisfied that I was able to achieve goals I set 20 years ago. And most importantly I am happy I was able to help my son Khaled get married. My advice to him on his wedding day was: "Plan early to enjoy stability".

  Financial Consultancy

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