Health Insurance

Health is one of the biggest investments towards a happy and peaceful life. Health Insurance in Saudi Arabia is compulsory as per the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) regulations and it includes Hospitalization and Outpatient Treatment, Dental and Optical Care.

With the various activities and locations of companies in mind, Allianz Saudi Fransi developed a special Health Insurance plan that takes care of groups and companies’ needs according to their different nature of work.

Our Health Insurance is highly flexible and includes various classes that ensure proper medical care according to the customer’s needs. Our Medical Network includes a wide selection of Hospitals, Polyclinics and Clinics around the kingdom that align with our various classes and customers’ needs.

  • Wide network of hospitals/clinics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Different Insurance Classes that suit the various needs and demands of clients.
  • Ease obstacle free processes to facilitate medical services.
  • Coverage can include employees and their families.
  • Rapid Medical Response and Assistance.
  • Global Medical Provider
  • In-Hospital Cover:  this cover shall apply in the event of health conditions requiring hospitalization, and/or emergency services and/or in-hospital surgery/procedures.
  • Out of Hospital Cover:  Out of hospital benefits are services such as physician consultation, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tests which do not require hospitalization or in-hospital treatment/observation.
  • Additional Benefits:  maternity, optical and dental benefits.
  • Network of Hospitals:  we offer a wide network of hospitals/clinics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.