Marine Insurance

The Allianz Group is considered one of the world’s most experienced Insurance Companies which provides a fully comprehensive lineup of Aviation & Marine Insurance. Our global team is able to assess and manage maritime and aviation risks. The group has been providing Marine Insurance for over 123 years since 1890.

The group’s impressive set of solutions fulfills companies’ protection needs during goods transport in air or at the sea.

And it is this background, that gives us, Allianz Saudi Fransi, the experience needed to provide Land, Air and Marine Insurance.

  • Provides Insurance cover to goods and materials in transport.
  • Provides Comprehensive Insurance Cover to goods and materials during transport between the producers and clients warehouses or vice versa within the Kingdom. 
  • Provides Insurance Cover to stored goods.
  • Ensure constant communication and open dialogue with our customers or their agents while managing their account by our Claims Management, Risk Management and Alternative Risk Analysis and Underwriting Teams, as well as providing logistical services and consultancies.
  • Cargo: covers loss or damage to all sorts of cargo in bulk, on pallets or in containers by sea from suppliers worldwide to customer warehouse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or vice versa.
  • Hull: covers the ship or yacht and its components such as body of the ship and machinery of the ship from different surrounding risks, such as sinking, fire, etc… including liability towards third party.
  • Inland Transit: covers loss or damage to cargo during inland transportation from or to the insured’s warehouse within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.